Via Express

The VIA EXPRESS service is the MOMSTEEL fast production line. An innovative service, dedicated to fast execution projects in the production and delivery of metallic pillars and beams.

With the increased installed capacity of the MOMSTEEL metal mechanical unit at 1000 Tonnes/month and the increasing demand for services with specific characteristics that allow for fast execution, the fast production service – VIA EXPRESS – emerges. This service offers a priority service to fast execution projects, through a dedicated and exclusive production line, attending to the specificities of this type of manufacture.

VIA EXPRESS is available for the production of pillars and beams, with a guarantee of execution within a maximum of 10 days, including supply and production. By using extraordinary supplementary work, operating in the industrial unit in parallel with larger and more complex projects, VIA EXPRESS intends to guarantee an efficient and priority execution to projects with specific requirements.

Requirements for VIA EXPRESS production:

  •     Previously approved design and preparation.
  •     Production of pillars and laminated beams in S275JR.
  •     Up to 12 m in size.
  •     Execution Level EXC1 and EXC2.
  •     Valid for 150 Tonnes/month.
  •     Transport of raw materials and materials included.
  •     Paintwork not included.

MOMSTEEL VIA EXPRESS service has an additional implementation cost. If the date of delivery to the customer is not fulfilled by MOMSTEEL for duly identified reasons which are our company’s responsibility, we will bear the extra cost.